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In South America there’s a beautiful and big country called Argentina, a place with great traditions and culinary ancestry and great part of that culinary tradition can be credited to this peculiar sauce.

There are many different stories of how this sauce came together for the first time and how it gained its popularity, some tales seem more accurate and others more folkloric, but no matter the truth, you can’t deny the fact that this simple and tasty sauce gets in your palate and never leaves!

Traditionally used only to go with grilled beef, chimichurri sauce became in the last 200 plus years a favorite for almost every savory thing you try it with, specially grilled meats and vegetables of all kinds.

Our chimichurri sauce is now available in jars and soon there will be a variety of different new flavors.

Our recipe is made with organic fresh ingredients and spices imported from Argentina and it is gluten free, cholesterol free and vegan.

Let chimichurri into your life!!!